You Too Can Enjoy Our Happy-Ending Massage

The first time he saw Crystal sited there alone at the bar, he wanted her but did not even know it yet. He was mesmerized by her ocean-blue eyes and the intensity of her gaze when he finally went up to her to introduce himself. He hadn’t expected that kind of intensity, or for it to have such an effect on him. He had been to this part of Honk Kong before but never had he ever come across such beauty in its most pure form. It became easy for him to continue the flirtatious conversation. Apparently, she was a skillful masseuse with many tricks up her sleeve.

She was suddenly more attractive to him. Before she left, he got her number with a promise to stop by the parlour the following day. Her soft goodbye kiss on his cheek resonated within his body and he began to thirst for her touch. “Such a random feeling,” he thought to himself. It was hot and sunny when he finally made it to the massage parlour the following day. He was directed to a dimly-lit room. With his clothes neatly folded away, he waited patiently for Crystal to stroll in through the door.
Finally, there she was. Through her clothing, he could see her large breasts and ample hips. Her hair was neatly done up revealing her beauty to him once more. She sayed hello and leaned in to kiss him tenderly on the lips. He could feel her magical scent and the heat of her skin underneath her loose clothing. “I’m about to rock your world ” she whispered in his ear as she took off her flowing dress. Underneath she had on some sexy lingerie that made her body pop with eroticism.
Her full breasts were like big mushooms that had sprouted through the dead leaves on the ground. He gently squeezed the side of her breast trailing his fingers over her nipple. She purred against his chest in ecstacy.
They tumbled to where the massaging table was and he found himself without inhibtion. She poured a generous amount of sensual massage oil on him and he immediately knew he was about to live out one of his deepest fantasies. It was only a matter of seconds before she parted her legs slightly. The weight of her thigh landing squarely on his groin. Rubbing on his most sensitive part sent waves of pleasure pulsating through his body. He implored her to thrust harder and he didn’t have to wait long. Seconds later her slow and sensual movements had become more urgent and intense.