Popular Massage Therapies

Massage therapy is a simple therapeutic practice whereby hand movements such asstroking, kneading and hitting are involved to improve bodily functions, promote blood flow and induce relaxation. It is extremely beneficial in treating sprains, injuries and other health conditions. There are a number of massage therapies some of which have been discussed below –


Swedish Massage

Also known as “relaxation massage”, the therapist uses long flowing strokes in the direction of the heart and presses in round motions with the help of massage lotion/ oil. This massage technique was popularized by teacher Henrik Ling in the 19th century and has great relaxation benefits. This form of massage is effective in reducing stress, pain and muscle tension. It is effective in the treatment of health conditions like – Anxiety, Headaches, Insomnia, Sports injuries, Digestive disorders and Fibromyalgia.

Hot Stone Massage

In this technique pre-heated smooth stones are placed on shoulders and back muscles of the person to improve blood circulation and induce relaxation.   It is often done in combination with Swedish massage. The heat from the stone unwinds and relaxes the muscles. It is effective in the treatment of Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Hypertension and musculoskeletal problems.

Thai Massage

Very popular in Thailand in this massage technique the therapist makes the client’s body stretch in different yogic postures often pulling client’s toes, fingers and ears, cracking  knuckles and walking on the client’s back. Some of the physical benefits of this kind of massage include detoxification of the body and improved immunity, increased blood circulation, lower blood pressure, improved breathing, etc. It also has manypsychological benefits such as it calms the mind giving mental clarity, ensures emotional balance and promotes concentration and creativity.

Shiatsu Massage

Having its origin in Japan, this form of massage involves kneading, pressing, calming, patting, and stretching techniques. It is performed without oils through light and comfortable clothing.  Shiatsu releases muscle stiffness, improves skin texture, aids digestion and is beneficial for the nervous system. It treats a whole range of chronic conditions like – headaches, fatigue, stress and anxiety, insomnia, PMS, digestive disorders, fibromyalgia, and muskuloskeletal pain, including lower back, neck, and joint pain.