The Helps of Tantric Massage

Hands can be magical at times! Since the era of our first ancestors tantric massage in HKhas been used to reinvigorate and restore good health. In recent years, therapy has gained tremendous popularity and also has made space into the mainstream of medicine.


Due to its welcoming benefits, a great shift towards as a form of treatment has been observed among the population. Owing to this factor a great rise is seen in the number of therapists.

These therapists use various techniques such as kneading, effleurage, wringing, rolling, cupping, and friction to promote circulation, relaxation, and cleansing. These effects are the foundation in healing pain, spasm and certain lifestyle disorders. As an observed trend, every tantric massage Hong Kong begins with effleurage, which basically includes longitudinal strokes that assist in improving circulation and mobilization of accumulated toxins, the very first step in loosening the muscles and altering pain levels. Other techniques are integrated depending on the area of the treatment.

Commonly treated ailments

A number of disorders commonly are a result of sedentary lifestyle and are thus termed as lifestyle disorders. To avoid the unwanted side effects of medicines one can switch to therapy to reduce pain, tightness and claim other positive health benefits.

  • Neck spasm: This condition is commonly observed in people with desk jobs. Due to a continuous head out posture, the muscles develop a spasm, which is accompanied by pain. Therapy is an effective way to reduce the spasm and pain. Commonly deployed techniques are wringing and rolling for maximum benefits.
  • Arthritis: aromatherapy is a branch of therapy, which makes the use of essential oils to relieve pain generally observed in arthritis patients. Ginger, eucalyptus and lavender oils mixed with almond oil are the mostly used oils in treatment of arthritis. One should learn that this is not a cure but a remedy to decrease the excruciating pain.
  • Migraine: Tension and headaches are common and are triggered due to varying degree of factors. Massage with certain essential soothing oils help decreasing the pain and increased levels of cortisol, to induce relaxation.

Therapy is incorporated with adjunct treatment forms to obtain quick healing results without any ill effects.