What To Be Careful About Massage Therapy

People mostly think of massage in Hong Kong to be completely safe.

In most case scenarios, it usually is; however, there have been cases reported of massage therapy going wrong. These are rare, but mostly happen due to the use of wrong implementation process.

Serious side effects of massage are extremely rare; however, minor effects are very common if the proper therapy has not been used.

A previous survey conducted on groups of people, who have received message therapy in Hong Kong, has revealed that 10% of the people tested reported some minor discomfort the day following treatment. They mostly experienced a slight soreness and this is commonly known as post massage soreness and malaise (PMSM).

An interesting fact observed was that nearly 25% people reported results that were totally unexpected and had absolutely nothing to do with aches and pains.

Some of the common things that have reported to go bad with a massage include:

  • A poorly executed massage can cause new injuries
  • A poorly executed massage therapy could also exacerbate the existing condition
  • It could also cause the patient to stay away from more effective modes of therapy
  • Most massage therapies don’t come cheap

Pain associated with massage therapy is not common, though is not unheard of either. A poorly implemented massage therapy can cause increased pain sensitivity that could last in the long term as well.

The pain can be caused by various factors. These could include psychological or even emotional factors. People who are suffering from a chronic pain condition can experience some degree of neurology dysfunction. This breakdown condition can be seriously exacerbated by threatening sensations.

There have been rare episodes of injury by fascial release therapy. This is actually a style of massage that involves a lot of pressure and is directed towards providing treatment for connective tissue diseases.

Whatever be the case, you don’t need to be scared of massage therapy. If your massage is being done by a registered massage therapist with some reasonable experience, you have more or less nothing to worry about. Hence, just ensure that you have made the right choice when it comes to selecting your therapist.